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Random character! by paragonkell80
Random character!
wow! my skill of drawing has been improved! well maybe a little... but there has been a lots of changing sense my first time drawing :3
well anyway this is my old character but yet don't have name( Because i'm soo.... not good at named, sorry) well because of that i need you guys help! so thank you for reading this!
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  • i think in a few days i would start a story of creepypasta but it a little different i sort of adding things up and  if you are a creepy pasta fans then i won't judge you for being a hater though.I just need a few of days or months to start things out, but right now i'm testing the story first of all, i have reaally lowww on party member ( because it just only me alone ). I might have to go the normal way of story or i have to do the other story, because many time i fail to understand =_=

  • Oh and i think i should practice the dA muro because lately i'm my hand were a little shaky ( i only use the mouse to draw) and picture look kinda off so i could often draw some of things on deviantart so don't worry about me not uploadings
  •  Well... see you guys in a few day's thought! ( or month!) Goodbye Animation 

Hiro's chibi! by paragonkell80
Hiro's chibi!
aww..... he's so cute with his cookies! Love :happybounce: :happybounce: Heart 
Creepypasta Oc's hunter! by paragonkell80
Creepypasta Oc's hunter!
Here 's for more information:though if you guys wondering why did this guys have red eyes? Well hi's a human for sure but he got that eyes from a demon that gave him in 6 years ago. Kinda of dramatic story but i can't tell you guys yet though. And in hi's awaken form it only happen if some enemy kills his be loved one.( it have been happen to his family in the past).
But in a few years he found himself pretty fit in, all thanks to Jill ( i'll draw her in a few days), she have been with him since their first meet , she make Hiro(that's our character real name, and if you guys wan't hi's name to be some thing else then is ok for me to change it ) feel like he's at home again....... All though she's a human so Hiro a little worry about her get involve with that kind of situation, so he have to stay near her family house in order to protect her self and her family without getting in trouble. Because if he go and live somewhere else there might be some killer out there and target Jill's familys, i don't think Hiro could bear to think of that. There's no other choice for him but have to stay.
Hope you guys understand his story well, because i'm bad at making story!!~~ :(
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My own character! by paragonkell80
My own character!
This is not creepy pasta character or anything else....
But is my own story don't miss understand my character for some one else! 
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